It’s a small world after all

August 6, 2007 at 8:33 pm Leave a comment

Oh Lord, i can’t imagine that i’ve travelled so far… Before this, the furthest i’ve travelled is only to Bangkok, Thailand, but now it has change to Brussles, Belgium.. A little bit more then I’ll reach Dublin, Ireland.. But time is to envy of me that i’ll be flying back to my hometown Kuching, Sarawak, East of Malaysia.. Anyway,today I spoke with Jesus and it was so clearly he respond and I heard His voice, not as if, but yes, he was talking beside me. Frankly today I feel so different, I don’t know why, i have mix feeling i guess… Sad, mad, happy, depressed, missing my family, frustrated (especially to the my collegue who can’t speak English but I can’t blame them either…) Jesus conforted me with soft spoken but strong words, Yes Lord, I admit that i am weak but in you i found my strength..

                                                                                               Aku Bersyukur

I’m also really glad to have such friends who make contact with me without fail be it thru e-mail, phone calls sms and YM, the technology today helps to connect people with people in a vast pace anywhere and anytime.. I’m not surprised that one day everybody will have the opportunity to go to the moon or even to any planet in the universe with the advance nanotechnology i believe its possible.. its the matter of time.. But i also hope that they will use it wisely and learn Hiroshima and Nagasaki that men can be to ego and self centered which led to the human extinction, extinct in morale and no sense of humanity. I hope i didn’t exelurate but that’s my point tonight…


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Berlin Fantastic Goodbye Germany

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