1st Day at work

August 20, 2007 at 9:51 am Leave a comment

Hari yang paling ditunggu2 sudah tiba selepas sebulan tidak menjejak kaki ke pejabat.. ehehe.. Password masuk komputer pun dah tukar, tu pun atas permintaan admin, but, so lazy to work, just stay in the office and wait for the time to go home.. big bos pulak tak datang .. accident kot.. Had lunch at the cafe with Ritchy, talk about the Europe thing.. Felt excited especially tentang rambut ku yang Blonde.. hehehe.. Oh ya, so excited cos already have basikal sendiri dan sebuah kamera yang amat canggih (mahal lagitu).. but thank God for the gift!! Oklah, since the Monday blues is still within me, i plan to go back early , pick up my camera bag at HLC, go back home, tonight go to KEA to watch Jacq sing.. i think i’ll bring my camera…

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KK gathering I’m sick

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