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September 15, 2007 at 1:44 pm Leave a comment

After work, i immediately go to the healthcare clinic to see the doc and to check my stomach again. It was a painful moment especially when the pain seemed to be munching your muscles away.. The doc referred me to the GH after he suspected that i have the gallstone on my bladder.. Arriving at GH, i was instantly being taken care of, they took blood and urine sample, my BP and temperature hourly.. Gosh, it was a quite scarry when you are on someones bed in the monitoring room. Sakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit betul lah…. Around 8~ my family came to visit me including Ezra and Beth. I was in pain.. around 2am, they gave me a shot to make me sleep… To cut it short, the next morningthey confirmed that there’s a gallstone on my bladder which cause the ‘sakit maut’. But sadly, to do such an instant operation in GH,  i have to wait for 2-3 months .. What ???? How can this be ??? So later on, i requested to be reffered to Normah Hospital.. I was discharged from GH around 8.30 am, went home to do some packing, went to Normah around 9.30am, charge in around 2pm after being diagnosed by the specialist and I was immediately kena bedah at 2.30pm. After the opeartion, while i was still under buse, they sent me back to my room around 5.00pm and resting from 30 Aug untill 4 Sept 07. Al for 3 weeks (today is the 2nd week), and i got 11 stiches across my abdomen. So that’s the story… What a way to celebrate my 31st birthday..hahahaha


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I am 31 years old 5 Most wanted things update

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