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Last night was a scary moment for me and my brother. Around midnight mom suddenly complaining about her high frequency of going to the loo due to unable to control the urination prcess anymore (Sounds technical kah) or in other words, she keeps on urinating regardless times . Around 12.00 the three of us left and I drove leaving my dad to jaga the rumah. Reaching the general hospital, suddenly it reminds me of my own tragedy and also my nephew Ezra’s tragedy whom was knocked down by a kenari due to his own carelessness.. Budak budak kan….

pic: Ezra after the accident together with Megan -Habis muka scratch kena jalan tar..


Now it’s my mom’s turn and this is just like the cerita Final destinations where one by one meet death and for our case, one by one got to GH…. I wonder who’s next? Not that i ask for it but by looking at my family members, we tend not to take care of our own health, pretend to eat good food and assumed to have enough heavy excersize where all of those mentioned are bull%^&.. For me, i have no resolution  for year 2008 since i never achieved my historical resolutions… Don’t you think it’s gross and menjijikkan? Pelik kan.. cita2 jak banyak, tapi satu habok pun tarak!! Today i fully blame me, I and myself for being irresponsible and for being one of most eligeble overweight bachelor in the universe. I blame myself for not having the initiative to decreasing nor maintaining my 76 kg (my ideal weight when i was in University) of weight and besides that, stopping my regular excersizes and sports activities with friends by making my job as an excuse.  So i am guilty as charged!  So what’s my punishment for being stubborn to people’s advise and immune to thier critics  ?????


        (pic: high Calorie Ikan Keli Panggang – one of my sinful dish) 

Jauh pulak topic aku so, going back to mom’s story, she was diagnosed by an arrogant doctor whom gave my mom the penicelin which my mom allergic to and my brother abruptly talked to that stupid doctor to ask for another medicine where only then he spoke humanely to us! (Before that he spoke alien language bah! So I pity him and he was spared from my sinful lazer mouth) We went home around 2 something and i plan to come to work late also.. So this morning mom said that she’s fine but she still kept her plan to go to her personel doctor for further checking. I went t work around 7.30am, managed to weight myself before left, i weight around 114.5kg… nak mampos!!! Where did this 2kg come from ?? Tension aku !!


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