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October 29, 2007 at 7:29 pm Leave a comment

I’m not sure whether want to join the Fab Race or not this year. The prizes looks so tempting . Dinner at Hilton, Air Fare ticket, electrical goods and so on.. But taking my health as a consideration I might not able to do it.. Yet I have to form a group of four, and for me, i go for ”sama palak” punya group.. else, everything will not work, base on my experiencelah… Recall back ,I had my 1st Fab Race last 5 years and it was held around the Fab area, it was an ice breaker what else to say when you have asporting group. Angela, Rabeca and Lawrence. The best part is to find the hidden treasure which is a guli in the fountain at the roundabout. The 2nd Fab race was held from the company to Damai Beach and my group members were Angela (again), kiu and Rabeca( again). The favourite part is when we won the early bird prize. apa tidak, we went to the starting point around 3.00am and waited there until the judge arrive.. Besides that, we wont 10th place ad received a hamper each. Fab race 3 was held from company to Santubong Resort and my member were Angela, Emelda(new) and Jollife(new). Kiu move to Singapore. We didn’t win anything though we came early for there’a 1 group who never went home but stay at the starting point since night time… hahaha.. sampai camtu.So the road that we use was to Kota samarhan highway , 7th mile township and so on.Th 4th Fab race was different. All boys. Fabian, Chin and Philip. The end point was at Golf Club Kuching. So exciting… So what about Fab Race 5?


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Tuhan Gembala ku Phew!

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