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November 3, 2007 at 8:17 am 1 comment

Dear Matt, thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions (emmm… did you suggest anything?) Yeah, you are the right person who can comment on this since you were once the engineer here few years back. Work compare to that time is far more and they are getting more and more… Well, you made the choice to resign not knowing whether it was the best choice or not. But i admire your courage to did that for you were willing to face what ever lies ahead of you and the next thing that we know, you are in Europe already,  Suceed eventhough that fight was rough and turbulence was unimaginable.
As for me here the battle is still on. Even this Saturday, good weather outside, my cousins’s wedding at St Joseph curch at 11.00am and all my family members will be there, my bycicle which i bought last month and longing for me to ride on it, my canon EOS400D digital camera which I just bought and longing for me to take fabulous pictures with it (epecially today at wedding).. of all these, i chose to be here at the office, working. Maybe others who read my blog will pity me or say that i’m selfish or stupid, but as for me, I think that this is my responsibility which i have to carry on my shoulder. I think it is my duty to bring up the company’s business, yield, income and so on and Matt, this was, is and is my fight until when ? I’m clueless. On the way to work just now, I talked alone while the radio was playing and suddenly Josh Groben sang a beautiful inspiring song and the chourus made my heart cry. It goes like this;

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

‘… as if he(JG) persuades and reminds me to keep on rely on God which most of the tmes I tends to rely on my own strength. So, Matt, no matter what we do, what’s our situation, how round or square our shape is, how mean or good the bosses being, this and that, life goes on and work is only partial percentage in life. The rest are ours to think and we (espeially me) must do the best that we can and the rest leave it to God!


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Phew! Pindah Rumah

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  • 1. Matt  |  November 3, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Davidson dear,

    Thanks for your lovely posting. Im touched at how you could open up for many to read and yeah, talking and discussing how vulnerable and weak we are can be a way of letting go and being inwardly renewed.

    I left my job because I knew that was not for me. I want to be able to express myself in ways that Im comfortable with, to exude my full potentials and not going to work everyday anticipating growls and moans from unbemused managers. I hate those feelings having to defend myself for every little things that go wrong and you know the asian mentality.. bosses are always right and engineers are just an instruments to get things done. Anyway, Im thankful each day now that I dont have to go thru that mental trauma 🙂

    Running my own business here with my mother in law is so fulfilling. That I can assure you. I must always be thankful and touched with your kind concern earlier on. That’s what good friends are for. To lead, to critisize, to point out when things are not too right. And you did that with love and sincerity. Thanks David. Fortunately, of all my adventures and misadventures alike, this trip to Belgium has been forthcoming and bearful.

    People are rather astonished that after I did my International Master of Business Admin in Brussels School of Business (EHSAL) here in Brussels that I still opt to take over the family business. I love it, simply I do. I think service industry is my calling. I meet different people everyday, I have made good friends as well as loyal customers and I see people frm all walks of life, I hear the stories, I absorb the exuberance, hope, happiness and of course sadness BUT, that what makes my job interesting.

    So honey, if this is your calling, go for it. Be tough and think of it as ur means of supporting yourself and be the warrior of God. With your means, you can help others and spread the good work that you have always done. But, always remember that you are not married to your job, family and your personal life should always be on top of your agenda. If you can manage this and juggle your life accordingly, you will be living your life fulfilled and be the man you are, only BETTER.

    Just some wisdom words… hahahaha akakkkkkssssssssss jugak hehehe



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