Golden Weekends

November 11, 2007 at 8:32 pm 3 comments

Yesterday  i took the whole Saturday morning and evening to rest. Hujan yang turun dari pagi sampai ke malam amat mengalakkan aktiviti tidor saya yang begitu best skali. So saya dengan sarong indon dan berbaju t baring di atas sofa empuk di rumah kakak sya  yang pada masa tu teramatlah senyap… Oh ya , rupa2nya pagi itu adalah hari convocation si Ezra di tadika St. Faith.  Check my handphone ada 2 miscall, one from Andy and another one is from Ezra’s mom, Dolina. Then they both call again adround 10:00am.

Doli: Eh, nuan nda mai sida ma & aba kitu kah, maioh bangku kosong.

Me: Ok, we’ll be there in 15 minutes. (since Ezra have not present yet)

So my parents and I quickly got into our proper dressed and locked all the gates and rush to the church where the kindy is. On the way, Andy called..

Andy: Bila seduai dek mak ka kitu ? Kedai ka tutup tengahari lagi !

Me: 11:00 macamnya lah.. lepas meda Ezra ngajat…

Then we arrived just in time didn’t missed most of the exciting presentations by the kindy students. Wow, they were so energetic. Ada power.. they memorized lagu patriotik baru dari Dr. Rais Yatim tu.. i was impressed by their fullest interest. During my time, i think it was difficult to see such thing, well planned and have a full support from parents. Maybe my environment and situation was different where i had my kindy in a police camp since my father was a retired policeman last ranked a DSP officer. I didn’t have that kind of convocation nor any party was held to celebrate my last day in kindy. Not important i guess. At that time, my interest is more to be with my family especially my dearly mother. Now a days even a kindy is celebrated on his graduation day. So lucky these children kan ? kan ?… ( haven’t touch on the electronic gadgets yet. Maybe next time) Anyway, I managed to take few pics of Ezra ngajat as pahlawan iban with his friends. (He’s the 1st from left)

After the ceremony end, we all rush to meet Andy at the tiles shop. I was so excited to choose the colour of the tiles, the shape of our basin and the toilet bowl too. We survey few places and managed to get some good price too. Mom was so excited too where she chose her bedroom tiles according to her own taste. The hunting went on until 4pm and it was still raining. Around 4.30pm, we all felt so tired and ecided to go home. I brought dad, Doli and Megan home while Andy, Ezra and mom went to shop for food. Arrived at home around 4.45pm, Doli’s husband Maysun was already at home. I quickly take my shower and off to sleep. It was so cold due to the rain like cats and dogs. Around 6.oo pm, after bathed, went out to watch movie with Alex at Star cineplex. We watched 30 days of nights. It was a good movie. I give a strong 4.1/5.0 stars because it met my cup of tea. I was satisfied. I enjoyed it so much! I don’t mind to watched it again. Kalau yang dah pernah nonton 28 weeks later tu, ha camtu jugak jalan citer nya… menyeramkan.. I don’t want to comment more, everyone should go and watch it. It’s worth it. I reached home around 11:30 pm and yes.. it was still raining. Thank God for a golden Saturday. 




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  • 1. Sawing  |  November 12, 2007 at 12:05 am

    wahhhhhhhh…. should be beautiful ur new house Dibit… cant wait to see mahhhhhhhh….

  • 2. saran79  |  November 12, 2007 at 8:43 am

    memang very golden pun your weekend =) till you lupa my day hoh!=) hehe… buat selalu kawan…and our nephew born in different years and living in different frequency hehe…dolok we people pakai slipper hijau..and stripy shorts and now adyas..they live with Nike, Adidas…Bata haha…our time different frequency..lapok pun ya:)

  • 3. David  |  November 12, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Happy belated birthday…


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