Wednesday Rest

November 14, 2007 at 9:28 pm Leave a comment

Today I took half day leave, actually bukan plan pun tapi, I was so lazy to work. So around 10am, wrote e-mail to boss and sent it to him later then around 11.30, pecut keluar to car park and drove away. My 1st destination was wisma saberkas to eat my favourite rojak… after that went to the ground floor for KFC, i couldn’t believe my eyes, i saw Mathias, my senior when i was in uni few years back, so i sat with him and chit chatting about life, updating each other about our achievement.. it ended around 1.30pm and then we went to our own seperate way. After lunch, rancangan saya seterusnya ialah untuk menonton wayang.. citer apa yerrr.. hmm , so i went to star cineplex, bought a RM5.00 tiket and watch Lions for Lamb. (pics i got from the cinema online). Maryl Streep is one of my favourite actress but not Tom cruise…

 At first i was quite reluctant to watch it after reading the sypnosis on the net but what the heck. I don’t want to commend about this movie but i give it a 3.4/5.0… ramai jugak people watching in that afternoon.. maybe they also need a rest from work.. macam saya lah.. hehehe.. bule tahan jugaklah citer tu.. the reason i watched is because i know the actor and the famous actresses and i know they are good. Walaupun the story banyakkkkkkk sangat cakap, nasib baik aku tak tertido dalam panggung, dahlah kenyang makan KFC tadi… kalau berdengkor, kan naya aku kena tendang keluar… hehehehe.. Wayang tamat jam 3.45pm, so aku rancang nak tengok umah yang tengah direnovate skejap. Reached home, the weather was getting uneasy. I know that the rain is coming soon, yes, a heavy rain… I saw dad , tengah duduk dengan para pekerja.. i wonder why they didn’t do their work.. is it due to the incoming rain ??? So i took the chance to went into the ‘raped’ house..


Gosh, it was so dirty, the floor was wet and the wall looks old and there’s no more roof.. hehehe. Dari gambar di atas, this was the TV room and now, it’s a mess.. Boleh tengok awan dari sini due to the roof top is no more there. I don’t want to comment about the wash room condition. I went around to the back part of the house and wah, stil in progress.

I think due to the rain, the construction was and is delay. This is the kitchen area and the main wash room will be at this area also. Oh, forgot to update all, the wash room will be completed with the bath tub skali (silakan jeles!). Oh no, when i look up, i found that my ASTRO dish is still up there. Ah! let it be, it won’t get stolen.. Sapalah nak naik ke atas dan curi benda tu.. i reckon to myself … Then the rain started to drop so heavily. I left earlier then dad and went strainght home. At home, i slept until evening.. Zzzzzz..


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Today again Badminton

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