Kerja larut malam

November 22, 2007 at 8:12 pm Leave a comment

Take 1 day leave , tired, I came back from work around 2am this morning due to  ASH 21 issue, wafer overlap again. Babysit the pilot lot due until YE due to high WIP there. High WIP ? High high is high WIP ? So subjective. Actually that morning i woke up around 4am and went to work around 5am So it titiled up to 21 hours of work! … Didn’t we met shipment target every month? What the heck! Arrive at home around 2.30am, saw mom still woke up, i took bath and went straight to bed. Slept like sleeping handsome men 🙂 Tersedar skejap around 7am  due to budak2 made some noise then, sempat ambik gambar pake computer punyerr built in camera. Oh gosh, aku da misai dan janggut lah .. huhuhu..

Macho aku! Sambung tido sampai jam  10.30 pagi.  Later brought anak buah and dad accompany me to the bank to deposit my checque, to the NAIM, my house developer to get my tickets, later to meet Kelly to get the bath tub info. Then went to Sekama to buy ice cream and met ivy and family having lunch there. Invited them home for a cup of cofee. We watched 1408. Don’t want to comment about that horror movie, I labelled it as a 2.8/5 only.. so so lah… Went they went off, i watched Hairspray alone, it a musical movie, a good one! I was entertained but fell asleep in the middle of the show. I woke up around 6.15pm.. 6.15pm? Apooo. it sounds i am really tired… i just came back from Tun Jugah with Andy, Ezra adn Megan. Bought them thier birthday gifts. Books, books and books.. I think this Saturday is the celebration night for these anak buahs… Anyway, it has been a while we didn’t have any party or BBQs and etc. It has been a while i didn’t spend duit.. hahaha.. Oh, my friend sms from Miri, invited me to Miri.. lama dah sik jumpa bah.. oh, ok, maybe i make a trip to Miri next week lorr..


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Yikes, i’m done! Cuti 1/2 day

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