4 Days of Nights

December 4, 2007 at 7:21 am Leave a comment

I saw something in the sky just now and i wonder what was it ? Upon reaching the office i was quite reluctant to check my work passdown instead i’m more interested to share with you what i saw just now while i was driving to work. It was so bright and the radiance struck into my eyes. My hearts start to beat so fast and my mind start to flee i don’t know where.. I think God was in control of the wheel at that time… Last night the rains slow down, and my brother and I were able to go out for lights shopping for our new home. Yes we bought things like last week, I bought some stools, but I have to leave it at the shop and pick them up before Christmas, that’s when our house would be completed – I HOPE!. Likewise the lights and the bulbs, they are stored at the shop becuase we don’t have place to keep them. Even our new huge and english like dining table, it is still at the store owner for the time being .. hehehe.. back to what i saw just now, for the last few days, the sky was so dark from morning till evening, what else to say at the night time, seemed there’s only one phenomenon now which is only night and gloomy time. Infact back in Dresden, Germany, and Brussels Belgium, its snowing… Here, it’s raining 🙂 Oh dear, now I remember what that thing is. My hearts stop beating vivacely and my mind is 101% concentrate back to the road though the drizzily rain falls like the winter snow ( is it ? i never see real snow). THAT thing was hidden behind a group of thick dark heavily water contain cloud and even though i didn’t see that thing for 4 days, i nearly forgotten that we have that thing up there where the humble earth never fails to worship for 365 days trillions of years before Adam and Eve were created. Hello & Welcome back Sunshine!


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Hujan Berterusan 4th December 2007

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