Friday Outings

December 8, 2007 at 9:49 am Leave a comment

Yesterday I took a 1/2 day leave, brought mom, dad and child fruit to 10th mile for lunch. After lunch I didn’t plan any activity instead go back home and sleep. Slept until  5.00pm, huarghhh.. Felt like it was not enough.. Need to sleep again.. But the chicken wings which mom fried at the kitchen were so irresistable, i woke up, took my hot shower and straight to kitchen for dinner.. Hmm.. early dinner i said to myself.. but  i’m satisfied. Around 7pm, went out to watch movie with a friend, it was raining drizzily, hmm oklah, not that heavy rain like last week.. Sempat modified lagu ni;

….. Rain rain please come here, Go away another days… 

So off to STAR, Wow.. they have Christmas tree overthere.. A big one, but the ornaments were not so ‘ wowing ‘ Managed to take my pic eating the ornament heheh..  using my handphone camera..

 So, I bought 2 tickets and watched the Golden Compass. Personally it was a fantastic movie with wierd animals character. What else to say when Nicole Kidmann became the ‘orang jaik’ and she played her role so well that you tend to hate her after the movie end. 🙂 Well done! But spritually, this movie is not good recommended to the children whom might get confused of the role of the character ‘the daemon’.

 I don’t want to elaborate more.. you become your own commentator. To ranked this movie, i give it a 2.3./5.0. Left for home quite late..Slept around 1.00am… Zzzzzzzz.


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