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December 21, 2007 at 11:36 am Leave a comment

Currently I am alone at home, everyone is asleep except me. Sebenarnya i slept early around 9pm but i got 2 phone calls from my work place, 1 call was around 10pm and another one was just now around 11.30pm… well, congratulations to them who called me, they managed to get me off from the bed.. its time to update my blog..

I visited home after work, there’s a lot of work still need to be done and i afraid that we might not celebrate Christmas this year due to the incomplete renovations. The house is around 65% cmpleted for sure, the tilings, paintings, rebuidings and so on is so much more and i think the workers are so slow… i think they do not have any daily jinsuritshu. Its a way to count the % of achievement over your target.. I learnt this when i was working in the Japanese company. They really look into it, the reason of work delay, the loop holes which cause the delay and how to overcome the delay and its countermeasure. I canot run from this thing unless i work in the government sector!

Oh, i got my airflight ticket finally, the que at the Kuching MAS office was very shamefull. As i entered ito the office, i heard murmered from a men whom was waiting for more than 2 hours just to get the ticket done. At first i didn’t believe but yes it is true after i myselves xperienced it. The managment made a BIG mistake for doing training to the new hire on the spot, at every counter! Wheni calculate base on real time, they entertained 1 customer for more than 45 minutes! Oh what the heck!!! Come on, people will miss their flight lah Datok Idris Jala!! ( I now you don’t know this thing because you are busy in KL!!!!) My number was B207 but the number was still B152 since an hour ago.. An ant moves faster than the counter! After the torturing 2hrs, i decided to go to the travel agency just ext door to the MAS office and i got my ticket but of course i have to pay RM20.00 for stamp duty. But my time is more precious compare to that extra payment since i was taking a release from my work…

So, whats the plan for Saturday ? I’m still thinking… I’ll update again later on if something come in to my mind..

One verse keep on playing in mind which is from Psalm 113:3..

From the rising of the sun to its going down the Lord’s name is to be praised…


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