A vs P 2 Update

December 27, 2007 at 2:01 am Leave a comment

Yup, i brought my brother and 2 of my newphews to watch the 11pm movie at Parkson. To comment, frankly the movie was not good and not bad. I guess it’s an average type, full with massive killings of human race in order to rebreed the aliens. I thinks some other aliens movies also using the same method.. so boring… Why can’t they use the roses ? the orchid or the paddy to breed ? I think it would make the story epic more interesting..


There were so many drama, family matters, BGR and police and army in this movie until thier life story was shortened inorder to make the alien and predators scene more which i don’t agree with it because  i couldn’t feel nor experiencing the thrill of the individual parts. It end up where everyone meet in the store. Obviously it shows that the director was already ran out of idea on how to run the script or he may be saving the ideas on the next chapter. But i like the graphic and the sound effect. I’m sure the ideas would be shown more in AVP3 so let us just wait and see… Thank God there is still peace on earth! I ranked it a 2.7/5.


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