The Wedding

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The wedding started at 9.00am at the Iban Methodist Church, 10 minutes taxi ride from the hotel. Upon arriving at the church, The bride was so panic due to the pianist would be coming late for the wedding due to some reasons. I heard about this earlier when i was at the hotel lobby with Edna, so adalah cakap main sikit yang aku bole main, but they turned up to be serious where they wanted me to play the wedding march and 2 hymms for the wedding service. Apa lagi aku , mula lah gabrah.. i need practise i told them, so i went directly to the custome made piano and ask Edna and the priest in charge to sing along while i practise my fingering. But it all end up well. Praise The Lord!

The wedding started around 10.00am and finished around 12.00pm. It went so smooth untill they exchange the vow and said ‘I do’ to each other. I’m so proud of these two couple after so many unwanted dilemma, they both at last got united.

After the wedding service over, we snap snap some pics. Below is my favourite. From Left to right, Roy, me, Henry, Yuhana, Edna and Pauline. I wore the shirt that i bought the night before. Ngam kan dengan jeans lama aku …nevertheless my hush puppy sandals never fails me either!

So the wedding lunch was held at the Kingwood Hotel restaurent, just next to the hotel which was very convenient to me where i could go to my room easily to refresh myself. The foods served were so sumptuos and i’m satisfied from head to toe.. hehehe.Oh, i  met David Andrew and Chundy too.. We were all USM graduates. During the wedding, the life sape was played by an old men. Kayan ngajat by the wedding coulpe and the Yuhana’s mom. Luculah nengok Henry’s ngajat :).

Around 2.30pm, i went to my room to packed my things and checked out from the hotel around 3.00 pm and minggle around the lobby with Roy, Sazali and then Edna and Pauline and the wedding couple and thier friendly camera man. Oh, The wed couple gave me this bottle of liquor and a bottle of tuak, made by Yuhana’s mom as a gift for the unexpected imported pianist from Kuching… Thank you so much both… ***now i worry whether i could bypass the airport police checkpoint or not… huk huk huk..


Lastly, i would like to congratulate the wedding couple again, last time you were aliens to each other. We all met during our matriculations year (’95-’96). Then we all became friends. We went to FGA church together and we had fun watching movies and outings. Years after that, we all seperate to do our bachelor degrees but you two chose to do the same course not knowing there’s a greater plan ahead. Then you two became close to each other until the graduations, engaged few years later and on the 29 Dec, 07 you were fully united in a holy metrimony, blessed by God through a priest and the 2 become 1 at last! Congratulations again from the bottom of my heart!


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