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January 6, 2008 at 12:39 am 1 comment

Last weekend mom at last agreed that now is the time they (our parents) should have at least a share handphone. I couldn’t believe at first what i heard when she said that since i have this right ear hearing problem.. I ask mom to rephrase again what she said and yes, that’s what i heard in the first place. My sister Doli couldn’t agree more reasoned that both of them are reachable and contactable.

But suddenly i flash back what happen 10 years back when i was doing my 1st year in uni, they bought me an atur new rigid handphone where the number starts with 010-818 4480 yes, i had it and it does not have any special ring tones, no sms, no games etc and all it could do is to make and recieved phone calls.. So during my holidays, mom and dad visited me in ipoh, so from Tronoh i use bus to meet them in Ipoh hotel where we stayed one night before we left for Penang for holidays and then fly back to Kuching from Penang. The next day, after a few hours tour in Ipoh, we went to Ipoh bus station. Mom hold my pouch at that time while i carry the bag pack. Later on my mom came to talk to me ;

mom: Abet, your phone ringing just now

me: who was it?

mom: i don’t know.

me: Didn’t  you answer the phone ?

mom: No i did not. I got panic and i push so many buttons and it stop ringing

me: ***Speechless***

Yes, its true, my parents are not into the gadgets like computers, handphones, MP3 and etcetra.. It took me times to teach them how to on the ASTRO decoder, how to control the aircond temperature and how to on the DVD player.I’m consider myself being so blessed with these gadgets and i do know that one day i’ll be like them, afraid to learn new things like what i myself experience when for the 1 st time pressing number on a calculator when i was in priamery school and 1st time typing on my senior computer when i was doing my 2nd year matriculations in univesity…. yes, i was afraid…. but I must learn to use it and not to be left out because sooner or later i have to master it and i’m going to use it in my daily life.. and I DID!

So mak, aba, we’ll get you a handphone end of January. Just be ready to join the rest of the world…


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  • 1. androy80  |  January 7, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Hilarious but yet interesting…


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