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I left office quite late so i treated myself a movie night with whoever were there watching the movie with me in star cineplex this evening… Tired of being tired so i must take the initiative to be responsibble to myself being not enough socialize reasoned, work!.

The movie which i watched tonight was a new released entiteld Gabriel, an arc angel from heaven, came to the world to bring back the log lost ‘light’. It was a Matrix-like movie where a lot of fighthing, lusts and suprisingly, no moving vehicles and no handphones and computers or modern gadgets. I didn’t know that there were 7 arc angels such as  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and another 4 more names which i myselg is not familiar with.. But the movie line was not that interesting. I thought it would be more interesting if it is to be like the fantastic 4 where the power combined to fight the evil. But i was wrong, i think the writer or producer of this story didn’t explore the bible quite well and they have no guts to do more and better compare to what they produced now.

 I was quite disapointed actually but the interesting part is the evil of all is so less expected even myself were lost for a while maybe i was to full eating the sweet corns and drinking the green tea… Well, at least the ending episode was unexpected where the arc angel Michael being the bad guy and managed to do his final good deeds byu saving Gabriel. Since this is just an entertainment after a long day, i’d like to loosen a bit in my rank for this movie… I’ll give it a good 2.5/5.


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