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Last night, my nephews and i went to watch Clovefield at the Metrowealth cineplex, the cineplex were half empty which means, the movie managed to attracts more people to watch it and as for me, i love to watch movies and do some analysis on the movie and i do hope to be an honest and reliable movie critics.

Talking about Cloverfield, i heard that the title was found only after the movie was already prepared to released. Maybe they didn’t know what to call it or maybe they have no idea at all… But the movies was so interesting that it managed to make the people in the cineples scream and jump on their feet… My nephew Navin got shocked so many times and it make me laugh.. maybe it has no effects towards me but to the others yes.. I like this type of movie and i’m willing to gred it higher if they exchange the monsters with vampires or zombies or something like ghost…. hahaha…. The producer and the director were so experts that i could not comment anything besides the story line due to the whole image was as if was takenby amature. I think its a story of love and sacrifice and tell me how many people are willing to do the same thing as Rob did? I want to rate it  a strong 3.8 but since so many people died, it really turned my own too. So i rate it lower 3.3/5. Overall, its worth it to watch.

p/s That thing is an alien and not a prehistorical dinahsour. Why ? because it breeds and reproduce so quickly..


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