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Finally i have arrive in Southern Korea after a 6 hours flight from KL. The Korean Air service was not bad.


Upon arriving in Inchion airport the temperature was -5 degree celcius. For the 1st time i saw snow and touch them with my own God created fingers… Oh.. they are so cold!!! I took some pictures and here it is.


 So we got ourself a cellphone – my temporary number is 010-8659 0510- each for our communication there, then got into the hotel booked taxi and off we go… I was so tired but due to the snow, the tiredness flee..

As mentioned earlier. we are staying at the Jarde in Palace which is situated at Bundang, 1hr drive from Seoul. My room is at the lobby’s floor so i don’t have to take the lifts or the staircase and it is same level with the ground so i can see the snow from my room. From the pic below, my room is no2 from the right.


The room itself is so sophisticated and neatly done.  It’s so cosy and equipped with every facilities which every homes have. Just name it, my room has it.

Not to talk nonsence or being naive, but i must show this automatic toilet with auto water, air andhot air. 🙂 its kewl..

The hotel itself is complete with everyones need. Just outside the hotel, is the library and a few minutes walk, there’s a hypermart. One thing that awes me is there are so many churches. I could se churches while on our way from Incheon, to Seoul until the hotel, churches are everywhere. Even around the hotel itself, there are about 5 churches with the crucific ont the building, that i see as of now. Praise God! God bless Korea!

We met friends from Singapore and went off for dinner around 5-6 pm. Of course, Korean dinner set with Kimchi 🙂

Oklah, need to go to sleep, tomorrow is a long day i guess….

Kamsa Hamida and good night!


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Boys Brigade Monday Bundang

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