Monday Bundang

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Last night i didn’t sleep well, it was very very cold. I hve 3 thick blanket on me and they are really heavy and  yet i still shivered. Suddenly my nose blocked and my headache hit and i woke up around 12 midnight… Drink some plain water and then manage to sleep again until morning. My boddy start to get itchy again.. Same experience when i was in Germany. The air is cold but dry. My skins hate cold dry air… Today woke up around 7.30am, took hot shower and off for a heavy breakfast in the hotel restaurent.


We went to Suwon, the Samsung city to visit a supplier. I met an old friend there 🙂 . 


Later we went to a Japanese restaurent for a Japs sets of lunch. It was another experienced eating a set of Japanese foods in Korea… 🙂


They are delicoius and of course expensive. Then went to a place called emmm.. i forgot the name to visit another supplier… the weather at that time getting colder, i think it was 0 degree. It was soooooo cold! And for dinner, we had Korean traditional food nearby Bundang. It was a lot! Here’s the picture.

(friends camera)

Well, i enjoyed my stay here and i hope we can do business with the new suppliers. Oh ya.. there are so many churces here, really.. i think every 1 kilometer that we passed thru, there are at least 2 churches (building with crucifix) at that area.. I think the Koreans pray really hard to God that’s why God really blessed them in many ways! I envy them…


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