Wednesday Chill

January 30, 2008 at 10:03 pm 1 comment

Today the weather was much more cooler compare to yesterday and it became worst from the afternoon, evening and now. I bought my self a 10,000 KWon glove due to the unbearable and uncompromised weather. I really couldn’t stand it anymore and always want to go back to Kuching… This weather turned down your metabolisme into a hybernate-want-to-be position and i tend to get tired more and more. We took a cab from Seoul to the hotel and it cost us around 45,000 KWon. Things in Korea are not that cheap ( i think things in Germany and Belgium is rather cheap).

Seoul is so compact with everything, cars, people, buildings and so on.. I realised that i couldn’t stand the crowd now a days.. Even KL is nothing to compare to Seoul, or maybe it takes about 10 to 15 years for KL and 50 to 60 years for Kuching to be like Seoul. Talking about the cold weather, i remember watching a movie many years back entitled ‘Alive’ where a group of football team was stranded at the mountain side, far befond the human civilisation and due to the cold weather and no food, they ate human corspe. Eughh.. Now i know how they feel especially duirng the avalanche. Snow is cold, hard and heavy. Even there’s a left over snow from last week outside the hotel, my hands become numb after palying ‘baling2’ snow with friends. I’d like to cancel the plan to play ski this coming Friday.. Endak tahan celap!!!!  I won’t regreat!!!!

I called mom last night and telling her that i’m doing fine and eat enough.. Pleae don’t worry mom!

Oh, i skip dinner tonight, my stomach doesn’t feel fine.. I feel want to vomit since after lunch…  I guess, to much raw and spicy vagetables. I pray to God that everything would be alright now.

Arrrggghh.. the weather is getting worse and worst… I want to go to my warm bed and drink some hot coffee..


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  • 1. saran79  |  January 30, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    any snow??’s ur stay there? neway enjoy urself…care…story me when ur home k…:)


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