Tooth ache

February 28, 2008 at 9:46 pm Leave a comment

This morning i went to the dentist, Dr. Catherine at tabuan jaya, to get rid of my upper left end tooth which has a big hole. Can’t be safe by cementing it or what ever… need to cabut and that’s it…

So she biused me by japping me few parts arround the particular tooth and the sting of the needle really painful. It feels like a very hot water being pour into that area thru a very tiny hose… So the dentist waited for about 5 minutes where my mouth started to get numb, well that’s the whole idea so that i won’t feel the pain. So i was instructed to open my mouth as wide as possible, she took a type of long nose plier, and push and try to break the bad tooth and she repeat this steps for few times and i felt a little bit afraid that long nose plier will go thru the tooth and finally into my gum and hurt my mouth badly.. But it didn’t work that way. Few minutes passed by but my tooth was still there. So the dentist use a strong stainless steel twiser and grip the bad tooth tightly, twist and pull and twist and pull it until it bacame loose and unattached anymore to the gum. Finally with a strong determinations and a word of prayer( i was praying 🙂 ) she was able to plug the stubborn yet smelly rotten tooth. 

The whole process took about 15 minutes… i brought the tooth back home .. oh ya, my supervisor insist asking me to take leave.. Thanks KW!. how i wish our spervisor is like you.. hahaha..

So i went back home and ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.. woke up around 6pm but the area where i was japped still swollen. Brought Ezra to see house at tabuan jaya and overthere we met my parents. Brought them out for dinner at MJC. I think i start to like that place for no reason.. or maybe its a convenience place for parking, many shops and the food court are varies. My dad likes it too.. So i’ll change the family ‘meal point’ from mile 10 to MJC… they have good dim sum too… hehehe


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