Where’s the Etch Rate?

March 3, 2008 at 9:59 pm Leave a comment

Morning meeting was so terrible… Early this morning, around 1am, my tool was inhibited by YE due to some residue issue. I also didn’t expect things to become like that and i went to the morning meeting resourceless.. So, if someone go to the meeting without any latest informations on his own tool, he’s looking for trouble. Well, that’s what happen to me in the meeting room. Around 40+ engineers, including my immediate supervisor were there. So the BA ask me tons of questions which i only answer,

” I have no informations currently”

and i ended my presentations by rushing to the door to get my butt out from the meeting room.. frustrated and don’t even know on my own next plan because this issue is quite new to me.

I spent most of my times in the fab to do hardware check and peform some qual check. Went out for lunch around 1pm and sent out the prelimenary report to BA. Later went into the fab again to do the same thing on other tool to compare the differences between the parameters and the consistency of my data. Things were still disorganize and i was lost.. no directions at all.. Around 5.00pm, i went out from the fab, continue on my report and discuss with my supervisor on what to do.. Gosh.. i’m surprised to know that he had no idea too…. hahahaha.. at least i am not alone…

So after few minutes of discussions, the BA decide to gather more data and let my tool down until tomorrow.. Thank God, at least he sounds humane this time and i felt relief a little bit..

So, went in to the fab again around 7.00pm, create some recipes, and passdown to night shift on what to do.

Went back nearly by 8.00pm.. didn’t know whether i was hungry or not.. seems i don’t have appetite.. Went to Kuching International Airport.. it was raining like cats and dogs, so stop by the road side illegally.. ahh, i don’t care.. even the police traffic is resting at this time, i reckoned.. Rush to KFC and order the dinner plate…

 Girl: Having here sir ?

Me: Auk, makan sitok, kamek mok tulang jak hoo..

Girl: Watbout Rib? Boleh ka?

Me: Yes yes yes.. 2 ribs and a wing please….

Girl: No problem…

So i had dinner at Kuching international airport.. actually i felt so peaceful eventhough there’s so many works need to be done at the office and i was alone all the time. But the songs ‘Give it all to Jesus’ reminds me that God will never promise that there will always be sunshine and rain in our lives but he promises to give us strength to deal with it when the thunderstorm comes…

Talk to mom.. plan to search for other jobs! LEt the job hunting begins…


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