Akademi Fantasia

March 13, 2008 at 6:14 pm Leave a comment

Akademi Fantasia is just around the corner.. I think the main show would be this coming Sunday but i have not made my decision yet whether i want to be a serious voter or just a light viewer or maybe i can use this show as an excuse to my friends not to go out on Saturday nights…

I watched this show without fail since the pass 5 years. but i must say that the AF1 and AF2 seasons were the best. But i started to dislike the show when a guy by the name of Asmawi (AF3) came in as a students … He’s a good singer ( after a revoting) and he became rich for winning the AF3 but he disgust me.. sorry to say, reason? I myself have no idea…

Marsha (AF3), Linda(AF2) and Bob(AF2) are my favourites while Ogy Ahmabd Daud is my favourite commentator. Aznil is still my favourite host but in the AF6, there’ll be more changes. But i do hope the changes are for good(sounds i’m going to watch egh.. ).

Well, here’s the pics that i got from Berita Harian on the new AF students..


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