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March 18, 2008 at 3:23 pm Leave a comment

Last Sunday i attended church though the house seems not organized. Church is an event i always looking forward to every weekends what more to say when it is inly once a week, unlike my other brother can do it at home, 5 times a day.. hehehe.. Church, personally, to me is so sacred and pure, Royal, majestic and hopes. When all of this elements combines, it lets the sinner, church goers and Joshua generations feels so heavy in load-burdens and free atlast after they release it onto HIS feet.

But, what happened last week, to me was so unacceptable. The songleader aka the Levites did so rubbishly bad and the congregations were mislead, bored and unergetic at all. The drums, keyboardist and the guitarist were not in a team. If we were in Moses time, i bet we were all already being cursed and turn into stone for not being serious during the sacred hours of praise and worship.

I’m quite sad due to this, well, since i’ve moved to my old house which is nearer to church, i’m willing to go for practise session every saturday, mabye to teach, give opinion and see whatever i can do… kelas aku!


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Akademi Fantasia Sarawak Representative

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