Wednesday Jury

March 26, 2008 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

I’m really pissed off with myself today. Do I have talking problem? Do I murmered all the time? I think yes, even today when I answered my boss, I was murmered like what.. I just could not end my sentences properly and it ususally ended with some mystery words that i myself do not understand or sometimes  I repeating the last word unintentionally. Hmm, do i have mouth parkinson? My pronunciation is sometimes really bad. Paused.
Had lunch alone .. didn’t want to go out with anybody today.. I have no mood to say anything.. i rather be alone, quiet and have a small chat with God. Ordered myself a nasi ayam steam at tabuan jaya near the AM bank… gosh.. so delicious, wanted to order another set, but i know the circumstances of being so full especially if i’m doing report on my computer in the office… I’lljust like a  sleepy fishing men… nah, maybe during my off days..
Went to the AM bank to pay my credit card debts… arrived office quite early, sempat reading the Berita harian on the net… not much story to gain. 1.30pm, had a module meeting, KAM presented his stuffs, i was sooo sleepy at that time, thank goodness it’s only for 0.5 hrs.. Then received an e-mail from DM group..

Dear all,

As some result is already come out, I would like to have meeting again.
We have some good news.

Thanks & Regards,

I’m so curious on what he’s going to presented regarding my experiments yesterday and he’s going to make some conclusions.. The rival is between me (my tool) and another group. So let’s hear whats the judge would have to say…


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