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March 28, 2008 at 11:28 pm 1 comment

Thank God it’s Friday and thank God there’s not 8 days in a week but 7, otherwise i have to work 8 days until only God knows when… Last week i apply for an IOP, which stands for Internal Opportunity Programme, where staffs who have working experience for more than 2 years could ask for a job change.. And i did! I don’t know whether i was doing the right thing or not. But of course i don’t want to trouble myself just like a malay saying, ‘Keluar kandang harimau masuk kandang buaya’, but one English saying contradict from this malay saying which says.. ‘the grass maybe greener on the other side of the fence…’ In this case, i as usual put myself in God’s hand, for only Him knows my future…

This morning, while driving to work, i passed by someone’s car… and my heart started to beat faster and my mind started to think wild…  QKP6XYZ.. not sure whether it was her or not so i drove nearer.. yup, it’s her.. she straightened her hair oredi.. but i didn’t dare to look closer…still  with my ego.. the stupid ego which i had since knowing her since uni time… i think i’m quite old enough to keep the secreats off in me, ah, just let it go… i want to confess to others whom read my blog, it’s her whom is still in my mind since the last 7 years, i couldn’t forget her and i was so wrong being so foolish and ego and i did pray to God to give me the chance to meet her and God provide time and place. Not once, but twice, but my mouth seemed to be glued with the elephant glue. Spontaniously i become a huge statue, didn’t know what to do… i think it’s true when you like or admire someone, you won’t be confortable at first and rather be silence and control your attitude but if she’s just an ordinary friend, there’s so much to say and do…

The 3rd time i met her was at the waterfront, 31st August 2005. But she already had someone on her side, but at least that night i did have the guts to say hello.. i was frustrated actually… and starting from that day, we didn’t contact each other and she stopped coming to my church. Actually the story is more than this, it was not that complicated but the memories are soooo many and i’d like to erase it from my mind.. i don’t know when i can overcome this, i did try to find new friends but no, not into any serious relationship.. not now…i don’t want to hurt and to be hurt again…

Thanks Mel B. It’s a pleasure to know someone like you. I’m sorry for everything!


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  • 1. saran79  |  March 29, 2008 at 12:40 am

    pray..launch it unto HIM…I guess we all have had experienced such..and it’s not easy though


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