Nice Saturday

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Yesterday, we had a morning prasie and worship practise because the Parish Hall is used for other purpose in the evening. Earlier that morning, brought parents, sister and Megan to Desa Ilmu to visit Igat’s mini studio (flat bah). Mom plan to clean it soon. Don’t know who’s going to stay there.. maybe for renting purpose.. Ya, kan Unimas students ada yang perlukan rumah.. After music practise, went straight back home… help mom to clean the house.. Gosh.. it’s never ending thing.. so many sampah and the sands are everywhere.. Actually the outer part of the house has not complete. They have not build the fence and the gate properly and the car porch is still in a mess… i just take it slowly and calmly otherwise my weekends will ruin.. Oh yea, i bought some bubble bath and it produce lots and lots of bubble when you pour it into the bath tub.. yes… i was lke a hyppotamus that Saturday afternoon, emerging myself in the tub with extra bubbles some more… hahaha.. Need to buy more assesories but no money.. not now..
That afternoon, i took nap after bath, it seems that i feel sleepy everytime lepas mandi in the tub.. Why ah? I woke up around 5pm and the weather was so fine, gloomy and cold.. hmm, it was raining while i was sleeping.. But Dad’s chicken curry woke me up… oh what kind of drug did he use this time.. it’s so delicious, i ate before we go to church. I knew that there will be AF6 2nd concert but i guess Ps. Ben’s talk that evening would be more fruitful to me compare to the concert.. ada ulangan bah.. Anyway, Ps Ben was an Islam, convert to Christian and he is now a Muslim Christian whom have loooots of story and experiences to tell. ‘Oh how much he loves pork’ he said.. hahaha, and believe it or not, there are few Muslim churches in Kuching.. Wow… Prasie The Lord.. but what do the Christians do? Nowadays, the Christians are sooo confortable, he said.. the Christians shoud pray and outreach to the Islam tribe, but now, the Muslim Christians are the one who pray for the christians all over the world. How embarassing… There are many other things he mentioned but i’m reluctant to voice it in the blog.. its to many 🙂  But Thank Jesus for i am HIS!. Went back home to watch the concert result..  Heard from Andy that Stanly was doing so badly.. gosh.. even the voting results shows that he fail to hold the 1st positon.. nasib aku tak nonton… Here’s the result from ASTRO.


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Cool Friday Sunday so Quiet

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