Sunday so Quiet

March 31, 2008 at 1:12 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday i woke up early, around 6am, Pithui was sleeping inside the house since she was bathe and all the mud & dirt on her fur, tail and body were removed on Saturday morning long bath.. it was just like overhauling a car… At leaset she feels confortable after 6 months didn’t have her semianual bath.. Pity her. Maybe starting from this year, she will have her bi-monthly bathe for being so cute and adorable.. hahaha.
Heard again from mom that Andy had resigned from his work and he’s opening his own clinic now.. Don’t know how fast the clinic would be set up… ada ke pesakitnyer.. heheh.. well, just like what Doli said earlier, we’ll support him from behind.. all the time..

Church was nearly full, i think we really need a bigger space to accomodate more people coming and worship there..  NPC is not so MBM user friendly. We need our own place of worship, a big one.. Anyway, i played the keyboard, and Penelope was the worhip leader. she lead very well, i like the 1st new praise song. At least we have a changes of song starting this year,, yes, we will have more new songs coming.. its just the matter of time…After church, brought parents for lunch at King Center. It was quite hot that day but i enjoy my lunch so much.. hehehe. I eat as if there will be no tomorrow.. hahaha.. Bought some rojak home and again, it was raining..and i took my time sleeping, tired i guess. Oh, Astro was showing Heroes, back to back.. from morning till night.. i felt asleep, tak larat.. mata pun macam berpakat jak nak tido.. huhu.. Woke up around 6pm, mom and dad just arrived from kampung, at the same time, indai selin and ayak, drop by, we watched Anugerah Bintang Paling Popular Berita harian.. but my eyes pun macam ad apenyakit.. i slept so early,and didn’t watched the show until end. ZZZZzzzzzz around 10pm… macam baby pulak…


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Nice Saturday April Fool

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