April Fool

April 1, 2008 at 3:00 pm Leave a comment

Ouch, I got back pain.. It all started this morning when I put the heavy metal gate valve on to a troley and suddenly, the pain strike my back. It makes me walk like an ostrich and I feel like to lay down on the bed.. Had lunch with the gang at tabuan jaya, Kaban was with us and it was raining quite heavily. I didn’t join the morning meeting, went direct to the fab and perform my duty early and got the result early too… suprisingly my result was so good and comparable with each other.. hmmm, how did i do that? hehehe…just refer to the graph below… don’t you think its comparable ??? kan? kan ?

Yesterday, after work, went home directly, took dinner and watched the AF file. Hmmm. getting more boring i must say. Nothing is new and everything was predictable, as if i can read people’s mind… i don’t think Stanly got a good rock songs that fits him. The song that he got for Week 3 was not that challenging to his capability. It’s not his genre anyway. My sleepy eyes finally close around 10.30 pm, cannot tahan it anymore, don’t want to fight the confirmed-to-lose battle. I need rest also. In less that a minute in my room, I ZZZZzzzzzzz…

Mom knocked my door around 6.45am, i still wonder why dad gave me that drink last night.. I t was the 2nd night i had a cup of hot drink, green in color and tasteless. Is dad trying to poison me with pestiside? Kelass aku thinking like that.. So this morning i search for the box to find out what on earth did dad gave me for the last 2 days, and it was after dinner…then i found a box near Mr. Ken, our RO water system (Elken product) and to my relief, it’s just a health care product, a combination of clorophyil with some essentials minerals for the body needs… i love you aba.. 🙂 Since i never or i don’t have time to take care of my own health, my dad is willing to help me..

I think i need to reduce my weight (same old boring story) this time. Yes, i will. just wait and see, forget not to be indulged!


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Sunday so Quiet Back Pain

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