Fabian’s mom

April 8, 2008 at 10:44 pm Leave a comment

I received a sms and phone calls from a close friend of mine, Fabian today telling me that her mom was admitted to the Bintulu hospital last Saturday due to stroke. Now she is in coma and depending on the breathing support provided by the hospital and today the doctor insist to end her life by taking out the life support from her and that’s where he ask for my help. So during lunch, i share this with Nupat and try to find way to help him since we are in Kuching, fabian in Sibu while the sick mother is in Bintulu and there’s no other physical way to settle this matter except by praying to God for healing and ask for His comfort and to Fabian, the peace of mind. Thank God, Nupat has a friend in Bintulu and we ash his help to provide Fab’s mom some reenergized water which is the Quest.Net product, I still believe that miracles still and do happens now and then. Lord Jesus, i surrender Fab’s mom into your care.


sob.. sob

Just got an sms from Fab around 9.00pm telling me that his mom has passed away. I called him to convey my condolence and offer any kind of help that he needs especially in time of mourning. So sad that he was just graduated last 2 years and i saw the parents, the mom especially came here to Kuching with the siblings just to see the convocations of thier 1st son whom got married with a bidayuh girl a year later. To me, Fab is just like my own little brother.. i can’t say more.. may the Lord keeps her and blessed her soul.




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