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Last night we had our P&W MBM meeting. Since my back pain has subsided, I told myself to go and attend it. Our Praise and worship team has about more than 50 less than 100 members. I think there are 4 pianist, 4 bassist, 6 guitarists and 2 rythmist, 8 Lead Singers, 3 drummers, about 15 back up singers, about 20 tambourinists, 2 dedicate PA system controller and 2 OHP PIC. I think about 10 of the members are out station, or going for further study or have job transfer.

But of course there is some flaw in some aspects such as improper songs presented, wrong pitching, wrong key, terrible voices, loud noise music, inexperience members – alot… especially the youngsters, unpunctuality, blur-looked, tempo death, pitching death and lots more but i don’t want to list all. I myself is one of the contributor to form those list. I have some attitude of ‘hey-listen2me’. As a group leader, I have to give the order to the member, find the right key base on the song leader’s voice. There’s time during the Saturday practice when i feel i just want to lay off, get out from church and direct to my car and go back straight home just because the Song leader prepare songs that seems to be sooooo boring to me, there’s time when I quarrel with another song leader too until we have to stop and say a word of prayer and continue back and there’s time where i didn’t go for practice because I don’t like to play for some song leader and ask for a replacement. Yup, I did that entire thing not to say that i have pride and not to defend myself here, but i do have my own standard. Being able to read music notes, playing musical instruments and capable to hear the difference kind of voices levels and being to many kind of churches in the Peninsular M’sia, Europe and Korea, i have the reasons and eligible to improve, teach, tell and show the members on how to handle things correctly, par with each others ability and harmony to the ears, able to bring congregation to the highest level of worship, into the holy of holist and at least put the devils face under our feet!

But the truth, we have a great team regardless age, sex and occupations or students, those are side dish, the main dish is we offer ourselves to serve Him with great humble in the hearts without any other intentions but to have a good Praise and Worship environment which allow God’s spirit to come down and minister to the congregations in His own marvelous way.

I have dreams and visions. It is to see our members grow more mature in the Praise and worship ministry and one day, we will have a concert-like praise of worship, complete with percussions, strings with 1st and 2nd violins accompany by cellos and the violas with the double bass doing the main introductions before the electric guitar bass,, trumpets, trombones, euphoniums’  and different types of horns which is the French, baritones and Melor horns and not forgetting the bells, lyres and wood winds too both flutes and piccolo and last but not least, the piano. Non of this thing can happen if there’s no onenesss in the spirit . To be continued.


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