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I had a chat with Smith this morning telling me that he is resigning and goint to miri for an Oil and gas industry. I was quite sad to hear that but what to do, it is his choice. I first came to know Smith on my 1st cay joining this company. He was a fresh graduate from one of the Monash University in Asutralia. At that time i didn’t have trasnportation of my own, still badly depending on my father’s car but he has a motorbike so he used to picked me up and then we go to that Eagle’s nest for some drinks.. hahaha.. what a day i won’t forget. We looked funny on a bike because he is a M size while me being a XXL and sat behind him looks funny, hey i don’t hav the licence to ride motorbike, and i’m not good with bike with gears anyway. But being in the operations department and he’s in the support group, we seldom go out as we age. Now he’s the section manager of the reticle engineering, married with a mix iban kawan girl and have a child. I can say that he’a a succesful friend but never satisfied with his income and due to that, he is willing to go to other field and start from scrap, again. I told him that i envy him for being so daring and willingly to risk himself to explore the new job where here, is the top person and doing very well in his job. But, the decision is his to make, again, I’m losing friends here.. sob sob sob..

Smith and me in year 2000

22:00 Evening

Our house group session was just finish. Arounf 50 people came to hear Ps Henry’s sharing. Wow, now the house can accomodate up to 100 people at 1 time. I was happy and blest by the sharing. Feels tired now, time to go to bed… Ezra and Beth sleep here tonight.. So naughty. but i luuuuuuv them, all my nephews and my neice…

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HE knows my needs Don’t Speak

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