Bung Bratak Day

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This morning I followed my friend, Snah to go up to the Bung Bratak, bypass kampung tembawang Sauh, Bau-Lundu road. At first I was reluctant to go when I think of the car ‘health’ but, the heck, I have nothing to do also if I just stay at home so around 7.15am, we went off to Batu Kawa coffe shop, the usual stop-by -place for the KKK. I had my mi hun kolo and a cup of kopi-O and we ate while waiting for other troops to come. I brought my Canon camera, a bottle of deenergized water, my nokia-i-pod, sunglass, a hat, small long towel and i put oll of those inside my blue adidas knapsack. Around 8.ooam, everyone were there, so we excitedly drove there.. i myself was so excited.. It has been a while i didn’t do out doors activity after my major operations last year July.

So the Kampung is only about 10 minutes drive after the left turn at the end of the Bau-Lundu junction. That was not the thrill. The real thrill was, to my surprised, is to hike up to the hill.. I was not inform about hiking. I was wearing jeans and also my confortable hush puppies shoe and i have to climb the hill?? Hahaha, i took that challenge since we are there already.. no turning back. My hush-puppy shoe never fails me i reckoned base on my experienced.

So, the jungle tracking and the hiking took us about 45 minutes. The paths way were slippery since its still wet. Unlike Mount Singai where about 90%  have wooden staircase, this one have around 5% only and they are so stiff. I can really feel my leg muscle produce high ammount of acitic acid and my adrenaline made my heart pumping so fast. Oh, how i envy those who hase BMI less than 25. Surely they manage to go up faster and never need to stop to catch up the breath. Finally we arrived at the top. i was so surprised to ssee a bidayuh baruk on the top of the hill. It was so beautiful erected facing the villages down there and we can see the clouds and hills from there too. So briefly, here’s what i got from the net regarding this Panglima Kulow whom save this area from the aliens.

Panglima Kulow story is about over 2,000 Jagoi-Bratak Bidayuh men who killed and about 1,000 women and children were been taken captives when the enemies invaded an ancient settlement on top of Bung Bratak on May 1, 1837. Among those who survived the invasion were head of Jagoi-Bratak community, Panglima Kulow and a handful of his followers.The Jagoi-Bratak Bidayuhs were said to have settled at Bung Bratak from Gunung Sungkong in Kalimantan in the year 1000. It was often attacked by hostile predators from other areas before it finally fell to the enemies.The settlement, strategically located at a hill shoulder and plateau, was considered prosperous with large stock of paddy and was well-known throughout Borneo. It was the envy of the people from other areas. After days of intense attack, the settlement collapsed in the early hours of May 1, leaving the survivors to flee into the jungle. All the longhouses and the Baruk were set ablaze by the attackers.Years later, Kulow and other survivors rebuilt the settlement, but life was never be the same.

Hmm.. who was that Panglima Kulow? Another legend? No? …


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