Night & Sick

May 7, 2008 at 12:48 pm Leave a comment

Now I know that though physically I look great, but actually internally, I’m not! I’m so fragile in term of health. Fragile means, easy to get sick! What happened last night really a nightmare to me. Yesterday, I left for home around 6.00pm and met CY and he told me that he wanted to borrow my internet modem. So after made promised to meet ath the King Center, he gave me a sweet candy and off we went to our own car. Later on, at home, i felt that my throat become so painfull, especially when i want to eat or drink or even talk. My conditions became worst after meeting with CY at the ice igloo, to my surprised, he ordered 2 plates of ice-cream and me, a cup of milo was a terrible experience due to the sore throat. I hardly drink but still managed to converse. Around 8.10pm i made my excuse and drove to my panel doctor for further checking on my throat and of course some medications to withstand the pain. At that time my throats condition was worse. I couldn’t even talk anymore and use hands for sign signal with the Doctor.

I arrived home and managed to watch the end of the 1st part of the AF6 preview and prepared myself for part 2 after taking the medicine. I slept in the middle of the storyline, what the heck. It was only 9.15pm… i guess the medicine were to strong. But suddenly around 11.30Pm, i woke up from my sleep after hearing my dad repeatedly kocking on my bed room’s door and both my mom and dad calling my name loud. I open the door and…
Me: What happened?
Mom: Why are you screaming and yelling in the middle of the night? We can hear you from our room.
Me: I screamed? What did i say? (curious, in case i shout’s mygirlfriends name.. hahahah, really 🙂 )
Mom: You produce some painfull sound..
Me: Oh, maybe the medicine were too strong and.. explain. explain.explain..

Actually i didn’t realize it, I slept so well, none of my pillow nor blanket landed on the floor, i did not sweat but actually everything were not fine. It reminds me of my relative Sering 15 years back in the same room where he had a hysteria. It was a long story which i’m quite reluctant to tell.. next time perhaps. Then my dad and mom lay their hands on my head and pray for me, and i slept until morning..


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Hepi Besday Aba! FMEA & APQC

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