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Today i didn’t go t work due to i have training to attend at the Rentap Hall nearby factory. My sore throat seems to subside. But still need to consume more waters. Since today i have training, so i planned to woke up later than usual and had a heavy breakfast with parents. Dad prepared my breakfast and I had 2 fried eggs with 2 loaves of breads plus a cup of nice aroma coffee. Wah.. it has been so long i did not have a good breakfast such as that (though it looks simple but i enjoy it) and what else to say when you are having the meal with your beloved ones…

I drove off atround 7:45am, taking my sweet time reaching the Rentap hall because i know that the training will not start on time.. yup i was right.. its seems to be a traditions in every training that i had attend where non of the trainers starts on time. I don’t mind, the later the better.. ahack! Suddenly, received a funny SMS from Simon..

”I saw your stressful face in the car at tabuan jaya just now…..”

Sorrylah kaban, i’m not working today and no stress at all… Perhaps i was full after a heavy breakfast 🙂

And i reply him back 😀

This is not the 1st time i attended the FMEA training, the 1st time was i think 3 years ago.. Well , no harm to refresh my skills i reckoned. Hmm, only 11 of us in the room there were 2 trainers, the lady is the section Manager of QRA and the English men is the Module Manager of the R&D and they both took turns as trainers. As for me, the morning was fine and the stuffs were ok. Ms Tan did her job well but Glen’s deep english slang made me blur a lot! My mind can absorb them but after lunch, oh lord!.. i nearly snore in the classroom. Glen, the Enlgish men’s voice seems to be getting more and more difficult to be heard and until one stage, i couldn’t concentrate anymore, everything he said was so strange in my ears.. or was i sleeping?????

4.40pm, the training end, i drove immediately back home…  Below is a clip from Franky Sihombing. I really loves this song. It means so much to me… Enjoy it as much as i do!

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Night & Sick Movie Leave

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