Movie Leave

May 9, 2008 at 8:55 pm Leave a comment

Today i take 1/2 day leave, actually i don’t have plan to do. Usually i take leave due to i have something to do or business to settle. Is it? Emmm.. maybe.. Or i have so many leaves which i have not use. It’s about half of the year now and i hava about 35 days of leave in my account.. or maybe i took so many sick leave? Did I? Whatever.. So around 12pm i went off to the King Center since mom didn’t cook lunch and later on i went to Parkson at The Riverside to watch movie. I didn’t know whether want to watch Pochong 2 (Ghost story) since i like horror movie or shoud i watch the Iron men…

The heck, since Malay movie alwasy shown in the local channel after a few months shown in cenema so i chose to watch the Iron men. No regrets. It was one of the US superhero-kind of movie, just like the fantastic 4 or Sipdermen. But obviously it was not my type of movie. But since i hve nothing to do, so i just watch lah. I’m not going to comment on it nor give my comment either. Just to be fair…



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