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Quite busy today with inline issue. Had lunch with Ismail at tabuan jaya and he was sharing to me on how to invest my money in a safe way. Ther are many ways and I have to make the best decesion when dealing with money or property. I didn’t kow theres soemthing like ‘Partial Payment’ where it can reduce your debts when buying a house. It can really reduce the loan ammount as he mentioned. Well, i’m quite interested since the Bank never give any good suggestions especially on how to reduce your debts. What the banks want is us to be in debts until we meet the creator! I don’t want to be in debts when I meet the Lord, it’s kind if emberassing to the people whom we left inthis world and they become the debtors due to our fault. What about the ASB? Since I do not come from a wealthy family whom do not have land, property, big house, money I’m totally really depends on this ASB to get extra income and it’s only at the end of the year.
Tell me who don’t want to have money in their pocket EVERY time..I want to spend on foods, gadgets, computers, my parents and family, home, etc…hmm, maybe that’s the other side of me.. I think, everything in this world needs money, services, parts, maintenace…  Received sms from Elizberth from Sri Aman regerding the bio-chip..

Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) Acquires Rights to World’s First Digital Device — designed to be implantable in humans! The implantable device is named “Digital Angel”. According to ADS it is “the world’s first digital device — implantable in humans – with applicatons in E-business to business security, health care and criminal justice. Inserted just under the skin, with maintenance-free regenerating power supply, miniature ‘Digital Angel’ has multi-billion dollar market potential.”……


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Shame on you.. Sleepy Zzzz

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