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Last night i brought my parents to a friends house to hear a sharing from a Islam to Christians convert. He is from Perak and he is the second converters besides Benyamin. I really love to listen to their testimony on how they 1st knowing Christ and what happens to them later. In Helmi’s case, of course there were a lot of challenges which he need to deal with and obviously the rejections that he need to face is great. As he said last night, he was a stubborn child and never like people.. hmm, then i wonder how did his heart became soft and accepted Christ in his life? Most of my Christian friends convert to Islam due to marriage. Even my own 1st cousin was converted due the same reason. But for islam to cenvert to Christian because of a non islam lady, this i have not seen yet.

So in Helmi’s case, his interest is more towards science and technology until one day he ask himselves why there were many nonIslam inventors such as The Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas alva Edisson, The Wrights brothers and so on.. to me it was a small matter because i know there were some islams geniouses too base on the history wise lah… From there, he was so interested to learnd more about Christianity. Sounds so simple eghh.. he was not even being evengelized by anyone but the seed was there already, just pending to be watered and later, harvest… I laugh myself when he mentioned about Jihad. jihad is allowed for Islam community to kill the Jews and the non-Islam because when they died as mattyrs, they will autotransfer to heaven. Prior to that he continue, then heaven must be full with murderers!! Is that logical? Do you want to go to heaven which is full with murderers??? Seek your heart 🙂

Today i take half day leave… need to rest…


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