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Today after church went for lunch at BDC with mom and the rest. Emm, the sausages was better compare to the one i ever tried before..Will go there again..Around 4pm, drove to Parkson to watch Narnia for the 2nd time with my Juniors. The 1st time I watched was on Friday and I think the Prince of Caspian is better compared to the Witch, the Woredrob and the ^&^&** (forgot the other one). I think in the 2nd chronicles, the Kings and queens were more naturel, original and mature, but anyway, i didn’t like the Prince Caspian selfish character which made this movie boring and unintersting for a few slots. Since Peter has his sword and Susan has her archery while lucy has a magic healing portion , King Edmund should have his own specialty like a magic catapult, magic boomerang, or something that he can use as a weapons to show his trademark. I think the war scene was too short where the trees should be called the hero here..without them, king Peter and his team will lose the battle. Anyway, i’m satisfied still. After the movie, went to Stakan around 7.30pm for badminton.. Win 1 set, lose 1 set.. oklah, sweat al lot., time to go home and sleeeppp.. Escape dinner.. too heavy i guess..

Oh yea, talking about AF now, thank God Stanly is out otherwise he would be given more redicoulus song which would toture him. Minah Ogy was so bias towards Stacy. I can’t wait to see Ogy and Ning perform the Beat It song and oh ya, don’t forget to dance the way Stacy dance ye akakss! Ha, dapat ke awak berdua menari and nyanyi camtu? I tau (not guessing) memang tak dapat pon. Even 20 years younger pun memang allahuw’aalam tak dapat punyer..

So all the best to the finalist, memang aku tak hingin nak tengok pun yang lain nyanyi except for Stacy yang maintain habis… yang lain tu dari Isnin sampai Sabtu, buat lah persembahan lakonan bodoh di depan nenek Pungut or Kutip tu yerr.. sila  hancussssss


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Dibit Say Stanly’s mom

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