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The dinner last night was fun, we had good food and was entertained by the house groups presentations. I think i complaint to much of not using my weekends fruitfully and properly so this was what happen today. I woke up around 7:00am hearing noise from the kitchen side and smelling the fried rice and eggs which my mom cooked but none of those rally tempted me because i have already plan to eat at the Bishop Gate for breakfast. So after morning shower, took my camera and off i drove to the carpenter street where the most famous pork soup is located. My plan was to take as many pictures of Kuching-in-the-morning scene but the weather was so gloomy, the sun were hidden among the clouds. Strolling along the waterfront with your camera is cool.

There are so many things to see and soon, the new DUN will be another attractive site especially to the tourist. It’s just like the parliament house by the River Thames in London where ours is by the Sarawak River on the hill site facing the Southern Kuching City.

Indeed it was an enjoyable time with my camera by the riverside.

Then around 9:30am, i drove heading towards Nothern Kuching city where the cat beauty and healthy competition was held at the Cat Museum. Wow, so many participants and the cats were all charming and playfull. I met my friend there and of all the participants, four of those are his mom’s cats.

Wow, i really respects those whom really into their hobby so seriously until ones have to spend over hundreds of ringgits to beautify their cats. We have Pithui, mix persian cat but frankly, in 1 week, i can count how many times i touch her. Me bad, kan? Kan?

Around 11.30am, immediately I drove to the Parkson cineplex and what else movie lah, yup, i watched the Indiana Jones, the Missing crystal skeleton.. WOn’t comment about it, but I like it, never thought that the story would involve ET.. hehehe.. Harrison Ford, my favourite actor brought his character so lively, as usual.. Anyway, it is a must-watch box office. Went home around 3:30pm, took my weekly bathe in the tub before i lay on my bed for the afternoon nap..

Mom woke me up around 6.00pm, yup, we went to the Pen View inn to attend Clane and Mac wedding dinner. I played the keyboard for 2 songs presented by Penelope and Cherish. The foods were fantastic like last night but I forget to bring my camera..

Rush home to watch the final concert of AF6 which ended at 11.00 pm and guess what, Yes, Stacy Won. She won cash RM25,000, a bungalow house, a pugeot car, a fully sponsered trip to Southern Africa, a fully sponsered trip to New York by Mabelline and Play Station… Can’t wait to buy your album Stacy, GOD bless you too 🙂

So, how is my day? Was it fruitfull and exciting?


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Pen view Inn Gawai Countdown

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