Satalite Dish

May 29, 2008 at 11:21 pm Leave a comment

Finally Dad got his satalite dish ready and he can see many channels such as from Indinesia, Philipine, India, China, Australia, Russia, Germany, US and so on. But dad’s most likely to watch sermons likefrom Benny Hins and more from India (miracle channels). I never knew there are Christians in India until i see they pray to Jesus. For me, i have no favourite channel yet, still prefer the old Astro.

Went to Boulevard with brother to buy more things for Gawai. Foods, drinks, perfume and so on. So many things i want o buy but no money to buy that so many things.. hehehe. So many people there and there were fashion show too.. Good effort from the top management to bring more crowds to their hypermarket.

Yesterday i read berita harian online where Datuk Johari Codemn the AF6 concert for not being patriotic due to the songs for the convocation is the England National song. Stupid him, where on earth he got his ‘Datuk-ship’? Alo datok, even my nenek yang blur from kampung pun tau how the England National anthem is and for your extra-temporary informations, lagu tu bertajuk Pomp(e) and Circumstances and it is played ususally during convocations and some other grand function.. I think your Datuk ship patut ditarik balik lah,, menuduh tanpa periksa, i think you are so envy of this AF thats why you dumb-dare to say such thing. Even 15 years ago when i was with Sarawak Symphony Orchestra, we did play this piece in some occasion. God save the Queen!!!

Tomorrow is Friday and i already plan to take half day leave. TIme for me to settle everything, include dying my hair. Buy things for Gawai celebrations and lots lots more. Maybe tomorrow i’ll find someone special to be my date for Gawai day.. ahacks… Tomorrow night our family members will unite for the 1st time with our 1st cousins and the 2nd cousins. Hmm, can wait to see the crowds, i’ll blog everything tomorrow.



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For Men End Ass 1st Family Gathering

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