1st Family Gathering

May 31, 2008 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

Last night we had the Sanub’s family gathering at the Kuching Park Hotel. It was the event where i knot that i could be myself without the need to think of the table maners, free sitting, free flow of drinks and foods, free wandering around without being embarassed, didn’t care who was watching me at all because i know, in that hall, they were all my cousins and relatives. There were 8 tables booked earlier bacause the organizer, Jenef and me didn’t know whom were really really coming and how many heads would there be on that night since we know that Uncle Sehat wouldn’t be in Kuching that night and Uncle Kunji need to take care of her sick wife at home but Candy represent the whole family members which made the attendance expectations nearly reach 90%

The event started around 8.00pm where about 65% of the guests had arrived. My dad gave a short spech followed by a little word of prayer to ask the Lord to blessed the gathering and also the foods and bevereges. And makan2 started while some of my cousins sang their best number accompanied by the karaoke set. Hm, there were plenty singers back up singers that night and the dancers were vadavoom! (I was one of them lah.. ahacksss!). Oh, i saw Mr. Kuching 2007, Geroge Tawi and wife attended the dinner also and well, he’s the family mamber from my 1st cousin’s side. Talking about the foods, there were fried fish nuggets, black pepper chickens, fried chicken masak special, Soups mix with sea foods, meat rolls, nasi goreng, mi hun gorengs -cooked just like what i want, 3 types of cakes, sago drinks, vagetables salad, fresh fruits, bottels of fine wines imported from Australia, jugs of beers and also some XOs.. Later on, more VVIPs came with their sons and daughters and the house was nearly full with the Sanub’s family and finally all but Uncle Sehat was absent and uncle Kunji was represnted by Candy. I didn’t bring my canon camera this time because my sister Dolina brought 2 cameras with her but sadly, both camera were running out of batteries in the middle of the events. So all of these pictures were taken using my Nokia handphones but thought the quality was not that good at least we have somthing to see and remember and it’s the event which i couldn’t forget. 

Later we have games for the kids, the kids beauty contest where Megan was the last participants but very very reluctant at first, balloon blow, musical chair where my nephew Neville won, treasure hunt, the introductory to any of the family members who achieves something which made my brother the center of the night (1o minutes glamour only lah) due to his new soon be open clinic and later on and more jogetsssss..

So, let me conclude this, i’m proud, satisfied, happy, not drunk, thinking of some one out there, in gawai mood and last but not least is i’m looking forward towards the same event next year and the years ahead but of-course, different atmosphere…

Selamat Hari Gawai 2008!


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Satalite Dish Happy Gawai Dayak

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