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Since i am a mix blood, i supposed to master 2 languages which i failed to do so. My mom is an Iban while dad is a bidayuh and by the rule of nature, i’m supposed to know and also able to speak the Bidayuh language fluently compare to the iban language. But things happen not according to our will so i speak only Iban and not Bidayuh. Why? Its a long story and i don’t blame anyone due to this even not blaming myself too for not being initiative enough to learn.. nahhhh…. never….

But infact i did try to learnt bidayuh language despite the difficulties to memorize the verbs and nouns and playing arounds with the adverbs to form the sentences is rather tough and always cause miscommunications. Few incidents that happened which i ought to remember because it was quite funny and original.

Event 1: My Home; There were Bidayuh visitors from kampung just arrive in Kuching and pay us a visit, so i was so excited enough and invited them (in Bidayuh language) to enter into the house..

Me: Parik noh! Parik Noh!

The guests : *Blink* blink* and so quiet..

Dad: Why you ask them to go back?

Me: *Blink* blink* oh i tot i invited them to come in but instead i ask them to go home???

The correct word is: Merot – which means come in.  Parik – means Go back!


Event 2: At Simon’s house, on my way home after cycling

Simon’s fiance’: %^%V%** &^*&^&^ &^^^*()_ ^*%$@#_ (in bidayuh, when translated, how are you going to bring back the bicycle)

Me: Aaa ya lah.. ( that’s right)

Then Simon with his frown confuse face address me the question again..

Simon: David, she ask you how are you going to bring back the bicycle?

Me: Is it? (So surprise even my Kenyah friend understood Bidayuh language)

Note: Bidayuh, Kenyah and Iban are 3 different languages..

Event 3: At friend’s house in Kpg Bunuk

Me: $#&^*^! @^q*$ 8 $#*&^*$^ – Speaking broken Bidayuh..

Friend1 : Oh!, ya kah, tidak saya tahu unkel Ponen kamu kurang sehat.. tadi nampak ok jak..

(traslated – Is it? I didn.t know thta your Uncle Ponien is not feeling well, he looks fine earlier)

Me: (O o.. i think they got confuse with my Bidayuh or i said it wrongly.. so i say it again but in BM.) Tidak, saya kata, saya nak melawat Uncle Ponien dan Uncle Sehat saya di rumah.. ahacks!!!!

(Translated- I want to visit my uncle Ponien and Uncle Sehat at their home)

Friend1: Ohhhh.. gitu..

So, should i leave it (my bidayuh) alone?



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