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June 5, 2008 at 4:02 pm Leave a comment

Last night we were shocked to hear from the news saying that the petrol and the diesel price increase again. Thank you to the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for being the dumbest, cruel, ignorence and self corrupt PM of Malaysia. He is dumb for making a stern decision today and change it again tomorrow. He is cruel by letting his people suffer in this land of rich with resources. Obviously the rural ppl in Sarawak mostly driving 4WD not because they are rich but the road is not permitting cheap Kancil and the Kelisa to glide on it. And these people are the one whom will be affected economically. He is ignorence by not caring of what people say, ask of him and request from him and last but not least, he is self corrupt by being the tail not the head of the country because of his son in law.

Dear Pak Lah, i think it is enough for being stupid. Even my 5 years old neice Bethany can count up to 10 and 10 is a lot for her what else if she convert it to 10 litre of Petrol, RM10.00 or even 10 km. I’m not talking on behalf of my family for I let themselves congratulate you for your deeds. But i will still call you SPM or Stupid Prime Minister until you step down from be the PM or maybe i will like you if you bring back the joy and happiness that we had before you switch yourself to become SPM.


Angry Land Dayak


Please step down after you give us our happy memorries back.


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Mother tongue I let you go..

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