Brussels Wedding Part 1

June 7, 2008 at 9:57 pm 1 comment

My memory in Brussels attending a friend’s wedding… 

I would like to dedicate this page to my friend Mathew and his husband Filipe and this page is mainly about  their wedding which i’ve attended while i was in Germany and managed to fly to Belgium with the Lufthansa airliner. I better record it now before all the memory fades away. Anyway, i’ve got the permission to do so by Mathew.

My flight was from Dresden to Frankfurt and later on to Brussels. I reached Brussels International Airport around lunch time and Mat and his friend Jun (Hi Jun! Thanks for your hospitality too) were already at the outside gate.

So we immediately went back home to Matt’s apartment which is at the 3rd floor of a kind of an apartment. It was tough for me to go ups and downs while i was there… So tiring. So i for the 1st time met Mathew’s fiance, Filipe, a tall, white not that handsome men. Hmmm, i din’t know how Mathew fell in love with this in his 40 ++ years old men… love is really blind.( no hard feeling Mat.. :)). Oh, at the same time, Filipe freinds by the name of David was there, just arrive from Antwerp, a distance away to the west of Bruxels city. He asked me a question which i will never forget,

David: So, Davidson, you are in this gay community too?

Me: Errrr…no David, i’m not. Are you?

David: Yes..

Anyway, that evening, not to waste everyones time we stroll along the Brussels city to a restaurent nearby where we had a very sumptous dinner at one of the Asean restaurent. Mathew really fed me so well until he ordered another round of delicious pork rib for his long lost best friend… so the iban like.. hahaha..

So that evening ends with Mathew and I spend the night at his place and updating each others with khabar berita from home while the others went for the 2nd round. It was a tiring day for me so i slept in the living room on a bed sofa which covers with so many bulu manyau (cat) and ukoi (dog)……I slept like a baby… snoring like no men’s business.


End of Part 1

In Part 2, i’ll share with you about the wedding and what Mathew wear on that day… Is it a white gown?


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  • 1. Sawing  |  June 8, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Hehehehe… oh, how sweet of you to blog about me duh-ling!! To all your readers, let me just get this straight, love isnt about being with someone that looks like an angel but rather has the heart of an angel. I’ve had my fair shares of cuties in the past, too many in fact through whom I gathered some very valuable and life changing lessons. Like my mother used to say, beautiful face doesnt put food on the table 😉 However you guys want to interprete it hehehe

    Anyway, thank you once again for gracing our very simply and low key ceremony. I couldnt have met a better person than Filip to be honest. He has been my rock and he has been ever so supportive of whatever I want to do in life. Our marriage is really an equal partnership which is really the key to have a balanced and sustainable relationship I suppose. ANyway, looking forward to attending yours duh-ling David hehehe..


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