Brussles Wedding Part 2

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The morning came so fast that I think I didn’t have enough sleep after a long night chat with Mathew. But my sleep has been interrupted by 2 loud voices which came from inside the house and they were speaking French so happily. Oh, it was Mathew’s in laws and Filipe relatives from Antwerp had already arrived and they brought Mathews ties, blazer and more attire which I could not describe in English… Mathew’s mother in law is very beautiful, look quite young and so sporting. But I know she’s so stern in her decision making unlike the father in-law who is a quiet type of person, rather do the walk than the talk and very typical Belgians. 



The mother in law helped him to wear the attire and thank God, none of these boys need to wear white wedding gown… hahaha… While the mother in-law helping Mathew with his atire, they communicate and i was so impressed that Mathew, an Iban boy can speak French fluently. I didn’t know what were they talking about or were they rather gossiping mother and son in law kind of thing..  🙂 Entah, aku pun tak faham bahasa dia orang.. or..maybe they were questioning how on earth I can snore so loudly??? Ahacks..


Later on the father in law made me a thick Belgium’s coffee… Emmm, expressso.. now I know how they want the coffee taste to be… thick, less sugar and it must be hot! Same like the Germans…


Filip on the other hand knew what to wear and he was already in his wedding attire, just waiting for time to meet the guests and marching towards the City Hall for the wedding ceremony.


From Left: Sister Lorna, Mathew-lawyer-like carry his beg full with important document, Filipe, David, Cousin Cher, Mama & Papi


So around 10am, off we march to the City Hall while on the way, the guests joining us along the pedestrian and it was so merry and colorful. I did snap some pictures. There are friends from Asia too but mojority are locals from Belgiums.



One thing about this people, they tend to give a kiss and hugs when they meet or bump into each other. As for me, a handshake is sufficient. And about walking, i’m not sure whether is it a tradition but to me, they really support the green planet earth. most of the people walk or cycle towards their destinations and by this, it really save ones money, more fresh aires and cool ambience towards surrounding.



 More relaitves and friends joining in the walk to the city hall which i’m goint to tell more of it in part 3.



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