It’s Happening…

June 10, 2008 at 9:58 pm Leave a comment

Life is quiet busy this week with work. I am still on my Gawai mood, the mood where I experienced overflowing foods, soda drinks and sufficient sleep too. This year’s Gawai was a wet Gawai for us. Heavy rain started to pur down since the Gawai eve. Then the gloomy weather continue for a week during Gawai day and the weather was cool and windy too. It was quite strange to me personally where most of the time, during the middle of the year like in the months of June, this is themonths where the farmer reap their paddy fields and some other vegetations and that’s why we have Gawai Celebrations and Pesta Keamatan in Sabah. But i guess the weather change is trying to adapt itself with the current situations. The world is no longer can follow the calender rule. I think, soon even in the equatorial and tropical zone, we would have 4 seasons, autumn, spring, summer and winter, the european country would have desert, draught and flood. I am not Nostrademus but i think, there’s nothing imposibble now a days and the weather is unpredicatable. The mother earth has voice out her anger especially in a high populated area such as Tsunami in bangkok and Indonesia, Earthquake in China and i don’t know what will come next but i do know it would destroy most of human kind together with the flora and the fauna.

I can’t wait to watch this movie entitled The Happening by MN Shyamalan. I’ am one of his fan. His other movie which i like most are The Signs and the Six Sense. So scary and quite unforgetable. But i don’t like the Lady in the water, quite lame. So the Happening will be out this coming Thursday. Let’s go and watch!




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