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June 18, 2008 at 10:30 pm Leave a comment

I found out that i’m getting lazier to update the blog due to i have nothing to share or to keep as a memory. More than half of my days i spend at my work place and i know it is not healthy and different from what the Americans, Europeans and the Westerner are having. Come on, while i was in Europe, shops are closed on weekends and most of the people are really loking forwards toward weekends.. The work starts around 9am, end at 3.30pm, wa la.. then they can go outings and do some sports activity.. Emm. i love that way of life. So healthy i guess. For ASIA life, it would not be that easy.. Work to me is a 24/7 kind of, unless you are so damn rich, you can break a leg as long as you want. ( the longer the better – obviously) , but welcome to the real world.. 

Politics, religions, traditions, economics and lots more that i could think of and these are the things that made or form a country. A strong, weak or a moderate country, it will be judged base on how the leader deal with issues and what’s the impact to his flocks. The key point here is the flocks, which is you and me MUST be HAPPY! But oh gawd.. our leader is damn week and ego. I’m still not satisfied of his leadership and especially to one of his stupid short term decision which is to hike the feul price.. We are from Borneo and we are rich in Petroleum and you guys (the ministers) are having good times by having all of it and leave us so poor. Look at my brother in Nanga Pelagus, Kapit, they are still living in a long house, and the generator is the electric source, no Sesco and no TNB there and the generator needs feul to work! How do they get feul? They have to go by boat for few hours ride to Kapit and it is an extra cost in term of menpower and time and transportations! Abdulah Ahmad Badawi, do you hear me? can you calculate the ammount of the cost which my brother need to pay????? Do you think they are loaded and they work in the office like you? He is only a fishermen you know? And they eat for yesterday and today is still a questionmark…

How i’m so sick of this.. i am frustrated, tired and bankrupt already…

p/s I want to lodge a police report.. AABadawi robbed me in the day broad light…


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