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Last night was a quiet night for my parents and I since my brother had left for Penang . Usually if i’m bored, TV would be my best friend. But since when, i don’t know, I started to avoid watching TV. I realized that I no longer a television fan. Unlike few years back or while I was studying, I couldn’t run away from watching TV regardless programmes. I want to share my life with you regarding this this multi media and its effect to my family compare to the life of the modern family nowadays.

As i was told by my mom, in 1978, while i was 2 years old, dad bought the 1st in the area, a big wooden, black and white television set and it is manual – no remote control. I couldn’t remember what brand was it but it was the talk by all in the company where we stayed. We received so many visitors day and night and we watched every pragramme shown. At that time, there was only 1 channel which was RTM1. I didn’t have so much memory of those events. Hey, what can you expect froma 2 year old  baby except milk-meal-mommy-zzzzz.

So in 1982, from Sibu, dad transfered to Kuching and we followed him. The TV was one of the thing that we brought together and also our Bang-bang, the black cat, flying with foker – 50 Malaysian Arlines 🙂 The TV was loyally serving us until the year 1985 where dad bought a new colour screen TV without remote control still and at that time, we have 2 channels which is TV1 and TV2. I think by that time, TV was no more a wow factor or a big thing but infact most but not all, have it at thier home since then. One thing for sure, at that time, TV programme were so dull, most of it were talk show and the Muslim 5 days prayers. Later on, i think it was year 1985, video cassette was introduce to the world. My neighbour got one but dad was never interested to have one at home. So i used to visit my friends and watched cartoon Mickey Mouse overthere.. Oh how i envy them…. But dad has his own plan i guess, dad sent my brother and i to the music school in mid of 1986 and we have our 1st Yamaha Organ on the same year.. Hmmm i was so happy… But I was still sticked to TV cartoon programmer. The favourite cartoon at that time was the Woody Wood Paker show, The Speedy Gonzales, Moby Dick (the white whale -1984), Tom and Jerry, Atom Ant, The Centurions, Power Extreme, G-Force and some more which i couldn’t recall at the moment. But the above lists were the top lists. 

In 1993, after i finish my SPM (no more so called students in the family), we had our 1st Video cassette player. At that time my eldest sister Ivy was teaching in Sandakan, Sabah, my eldest brother Terry was working in Kapit, my sister Doli works with the Bank in Kuching while my brother Andy was doing his Matriculations in the Univerisity. So Doli and I opend an account to rent video at the Pearl Video house in Tabuan Jaya.. At the same year, we have another set of TV given by our relatives… Few months later, i got the chance to further my study in University doing matriculations and at that time, we were introduced to another type of multimedia which is the computer DOS, 1996,more computers with microsofts, handphones, 1997 internets, lap top, CDs, 1998, MegaTV, 1999, ASTRO,  2002, PDA, 2004, cybercafes, Wi-Fi and every year, there would be new gadgets like i-pod, PS2 and the lists go on and on.. 

So childrens who are born in late 90s era are very much fortunate. They never see black and white TV, i don’t think they know there’s such thing as a video cassette/player, i’m not sure whether they do play scrabble with their siblingss… cartoons were less violence during my time, no more cartoons after 6pm, nothing is aired after 12pm, i write letters to my pen-pals in Australia (but stop after internet is available), i have stamps collections (and i stopped collect it too after internet is available), mostly cartoons are 2D, less vulgar words compare to now and list continues…

The multimedia would be very usefull for us to do our work, to obtain informations, communications, entertaiment so it is up to individuals to choose which one best suits him personally… There’s nothing wrong be it you are the child born in the 80s or 90s or mellenium, the multimedia will alwasy be upgraded on par with its current needs and as long there’s a person like Bill Gate, we will see much more of these superb gadgets in future, perhaps tomorrow?


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