Saturday Plan

June 21, 2008 at 11:06 pm Leave a comment

Yup, it is Saturday. Last night we played badminton after a long rest.. I sweat like waterfall.. At least I burnt out few miligrams of my fat. This morning woke up quite early. I was thinking of bringing my parents to Serian for breakfast but my sister Doli came over for an appointment with her friend so i cancel the plan but around lunch time, send mom to the salon for her monthly hair do. On the other hand, i had myself an appointment with another insurance agent at the starbuck at the Spring.. Pleasing myself with a special coffee mocha ice RM17.++. Expensive i guess, but again, it was to please myself on the very good Saturday morning. Well, the appointment last for 3 hours, wow, we had got a lot of things to chat and talk about, sharing informations as i could described. Then i went for lunch at the food court, and I saw Kamal having his lunch with his friend at the Sugar bun, Sugar Bun at the Spring? Yes, i was quite surprised either to see the Sugar Bun outlet there.. So me having some tau hun soup with egg and more added stuffs, emmm, the sauce was so tasty and the soup was delicious too. The fresh sugarcane juice was very refreshing. Then i visited the MPH bokstore where i met Chung Yew, had a short chat before i left to the Camera section to meet my old friend there, short chat again and later on visited Boulevard computer store to have a headphone survey, hmmm didn’t get what i want so went to the next door shop and guess who i met?? Sam Budi, my old room mate when i was in University, after emmmmm 9 years, today was the 1st time i met him, we talked and talked and exchanged phone number. Now he workes as an engineer at the Jabatan Sungai Sarawak. After half and hour chat we go on our own way, and as for me, i went to my DVD shop to buy the DVD entitled the Death Valley, another Zombie story… emm my genre.. hahaha. Then i went to the apple computer shop to get myself a branded, reliable headphone, made in Germany. Though the price was 5 times higher than from the other shops earlier, i’m satisfied due to the quality wise and it has a 2 years waranty. So finally my last destinations was to the Big Apple and the Doughnut and coffee shop and spoilt myself with a dozens of doughnut, 3 pink phanters and 3 chocolate dip. Arrive home aeound 5pm, mom hasn’t called, dad was restless, i took short shower and took short nap before i go for my 6pm music practise.. and 8pm Musical concert at the Methodist Church. Now, 11pm, resting, didn’t take dinner instead ate all those 6 doughnuts with a bottle of hot tea… So, my plan tonight is to watch the dvd on my lap top in my airconditioned room with my new headphone. So… good night all..

P/s .. how’s my Saturday???


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Multimedia Friday Sunday Chaos!

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